NJHA ChimeMaps NJHA Introduces NJHA ChimeMaps
Anthony Dias,
Anthony Dias,
Vice President, Data Services

The NJHA is pleased to collaborate with the Connecticut Hospital Association (CHA) to make NJHA ChimeMaps available to its members. NJHA ChimeMaps is an innovative geo-mapping solution that uses advanced mapping techniques to provide actionable insights based on hospital, health, and population data. NJHA ChimeMaps delivers incredible value to hospital users, when leveraging NJHA ChimeMaps for service line analyses, market assessments, community health needs analyses, and intervention planning. As examples, NJHA ChimeMaps is used by hospitals to:

  • Plan for the expansion of service line operations to specific geographies based on patterns of utilization, market performance, and locational demographics segmented by age, race, and income. NJHA ChimeMaps users can also compare hospital market share against other hospitals and health systems, while layering the results with demographic and socioeconomic measures.
  • Conduct community health needs assessments (CHNAs) and related analyses. NJHA ChimeMaps users can select patient encounters for specific health disparity indicators, identify readmissions and high-frequency users by patient setting, and extract demographic and socioeconomic measures in pinpointing areas of need.
  • Target interventions to high-risk neighborhoods based on clusters of patients with specific health conditions such as heart failure, asthma, or diabetes. NJHA ChimeMaps users can dynamically select and download patient case lists and evaluate readmission reduction efforts in near real-time.

NJHA ChimeMaps is updated regularly based on end-user feedback by incorporating requested enhancements.

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