Symmetry Healthcare Strategies Just-In-Time, Temporary Nursing and Clinical Support Staffing Solutions for NJHA Members
Guy Evans
Guy Evans
President & CEO

Symmetry Healthcare Strategies, an NJHA Strategic Partner, provides critical temporary staffing solutions for more than 80 NJ healthcare facilities via the NJHA Registry Management Program. Since its inception, the Symmetry/NJHA joint venture has helped members fill more than 480,000 shifts, averaging 120 direct patient care placements per day in NJHA facilities, to ensure continuous, high quality patient care services.  

The NJHA Registry Management Program focuses on helping members obtain vital nursing and other clinical support staff from select staffing agencies who have been pre-qualified and continually monitored for quality assurance and documentation compliance by Symmetry. This program meets hospitals’ immediate needs for obtaining high quality supplemental staff and reduces the cumbersome administrative tasks and compliance risks typically associated with securing staffing from outside agencies.

The NJHA Registry Management Program celebrated its 11th year of operation in October 2015.

Why Symmetry?

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