REMI NJHA Collaborates with Hospital Associations and Remi to Drive Savings
Mike Marquette
Mike Marquette
Director Healthcare Practice

With the Oklahoma and Kansas Hospital Associations, NJHA has joined in a collective agreement with Remi – a leading provider of cost effective and innovative equipment care solutions. The combined buying power of all three associations allows for significant discounting. NJHA has negotiated a minimum guaranteed savings of at least 15 percent on eligible equipment. This guarantee will continue to grow as more hospitals within all three associations utilize the services of Remi.

With a strong healthcare focus, Remi offers proven cost savings alternatives to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) service contracts. By simply changing the economics of how service is purchased, organizations can cut service contract spend by 15-22 percent. Remi consolidates existing equipment service agreements into one comprehensive program and eliminates the inefficiency of managing multiple service agreements from various manufacturers. Remi can also extend the life of equipment by providing heavily discounted service options for older, dependable equipment. In addition, Remi’s program offers this following value proposition:

  • Total Vendor Control: Delivers an unbiased vendor solution that can use preferred vendors or recommendations for the best qualified alternative vendor available.
  • Guaranteed Budget: Maintenance budgets can be planned with fixed annual costs rather than the fluctuation cost and expensive surprises of other maintenance programs.
  • Visibility: Real-time, online reports give the ability to effectively analyze the quality of the repair service and the performance of the equipment and service provider.
  • Reduces Administrative Time: Diminishes the time spent administering multiple service contracts from various equipment manufacturers and service providers.

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