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LuAnne M. Rooney Frascella
LuAnne M. Rooney Frascella
Director, Princeton Claims Management

Today’s unemployment insurance environment is more complicated than ever with confusing claims processes and steep penalties for non-compliance. Employers are at greater risk for higher out-of-pocket expenses and negative impacts to their bottom lines.

Princeton Claims Management (PCM), New Jersey’s leading healthcare unemployment insurance (UI) expert, supports your team in handling all unemployment insurance matters. Working as a true partner with hospitals and long term care facilities, PCM mitigates the risks associated with New Jersey’s costly and time-consuming unemployment insurance program.

Uniquely qualified and with a broad array of UI services, PCM:

  • Focuses solely on healthcare cases with more than 80 years of collective staff experience
  • Provides expert representation at hearings and maintains an outstanding 90 percent rate or higher of favorable decisions for employers
  • Identifies best practices for UI cost control
  • Reviews employer policies and procedures relative to UI eligibility
  • Monitors and audits claims at each phase of the UI process
  • Offers fee-for-service consultation for customized services
  • Manages the NJHA Joint Unemployment Compensation Reserve Fund

Select PCM’s services on a fee-for-service basis or participate in the NJHA Joint Unemployment Compensation Reserve Fund for greater cost efficiencies today!

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