Care Navigator Empowering Roles Vital to Shared Care Management Across the Continuum of Care
Mike Squires
Mike Squires
Vice President Innovation & Public Policy

Care Navigator™, powered by BluePrint Healthcare IT, is an award-winning shared care management platform that enables real-time, team-based communication, coordination and collaboration across the continuum of care. Through this versatile platform, New Jersey hospitals can not only mitigate challenges surrounding the care continuum, but can also:

  • Confidently engage in risk-based contracts by employing sophisticated care management and coordination capabilities
  • Enhance communication and collaboration during transitions of care between inpatient and outpatient providers
  • Streamline internal and external communication among the care team, including patient and family caregivers
  • Prevent and address care gaps once patients have transitioned back into the community
  • Engage patients and family caregivers through assessments, education and timely communication

Care Navigator™ provides a solution, available as a platform or as modules, that can scale as needs and populations grow, including:

  • Simplifying complex care coordination
  • Activating care teams
  • Streamlining communication
  • Automating coordination tasks
  • Engaging patients and families
  • Achieving targeted quality measures
  • Sharing care plans (without faxing)
  • Videoconferencing within same platform
  • Accessing the desktop ribbon while EHR is open

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