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Brian Antonetti
Brian Antonetti
Regional Sales Manager

Healthcare organizations face an ongoing compliance burden involving the protection of sensitive patient data in email. The task of safeguarding data grows increasingly complex as the organization’s environment adapts to advancing threats and shifting technology trends.

With the convenience of email as a communication and file-transfer method and the perceived difficulty of encryption, it’s easy to overlook the risks for the sake of productivity; however, IT security and compliance professionals cannot ignore the sheer volume of unsecured PHI exchanged regularly in email.

Email encryption delivers a safe harbor under HITECH-HIPAA. Recognizing the evolving needs of your hospital, employees, patients and partners, NJHA Strategic Partner ZixCorp provides an innovative secure email product that is just as easy to use as regular email. The benefits of ZixCorp Email Encryption include:

  • Automatic scanning of employee emails
  • Convenient delivery for recipients
  • Smooth mobile experience
  • The industry’s only bidirectional, transparent email encryption solution.

Healthcare organizations face a heavy compliance burden. With the right email encryption solution, you can make the experience seamless for senders and recipients while also protecting a top source of vulnerability for your organization.


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