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Tim Keough
Tim Keough
Vice President, Health Information Services

In these challenging times, healthcare professionals need confidence in the partnerships that assist them in managing their organizations.

The NJHA-HBS Health Information Services team offers a wealth of professional services ranging from ICD-10 coding and education to DRG validation. With its unparalleled expertise, NJHA-HBS Health Information Services is committed to helping your organization achieve excellence.

Service highlights include the following:

ICD-10 Coding Validation - COACH

  • Data quality review and ongoing coder mentoring services
  • Coding consultants review and validate ICD-10 coded medical records to assure proper reimbursement

I CODE Coder Mentor Program

  • Proven rigorous ICD-10 / CPT curriculum - 5 days per week / 6 hours per day / for 3 months
  • Combination of lecture and intense hands-on coding overseen by certified ICD-10 instructors


  • E-mail helpline service to assist staff with ICD-10 questions
  • Expert response within 24 hours with questions categorized to identify strengths and weaknesses

Coding Support

  • Quality on-site or remote coding services available by credentialed, experienced and US based coding consultants
  • Emergency Department, Inpatient, and E&M Coding, Outpatient and Same Day Surgery.

NJHA’s Health Information Services provides comprehensive, cost-effective solutions for the unique needs of the health information management community.

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ICD-10 Coding Validation - COACH

I CODE Coder Mentor Program

ICD-10 Helpline