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Mike O’Gull
Mike O’Gull
Principal, Regional Sales

NJHA Strategic Partner Vizient is the industry’s largest health care performance improvement company with 3,100 health system members and $100 billion in annual purchases. Vizient delivers market-leading sourcing value with the broadest contract portfolio of spend categories and commitment options. 

Aside from the fact that Vizient financially rewards its members’ standardization efforts, reduces product variation and improves procurement processes on commonly purchased products, why should your organization choose Vizient as your primary or secondary group purchasing organization?  The reasons are clear.

Best supply prices

  • Member-driven, category specific programs
  • Range of commitment options
  • Data-driven terms eliminate value erosion

Industry’s leading pharmacy program with more than $53 billion in spend across 12,000 products and services

  • Lower drug costs and higher supply reliability
  • Range of support services that include analytics,
    expert advisory and clinical intelligence

Integrated analytics and technology so you can make data-driven decisions

  • Holistic supply analytics and workflow platform
    drives efficiency and near real-time results
  • Integrated data sets enable analysis of cost and
    quality variation by site, physician and MS-DRG

Vizient has a host of aggregation, clinical, advisory and operations solutions that align with your objectives. With strategic insight, powerful data and expert guidance, Vizient offers the best support for improved patient outcomes and lower costs.

Solve your most pressing challenges today with Vizient!

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