MedGap Solutions Harness the Power with Cost-Efficient and Environmentally Responsible Energy Solutions
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Frank Ciufo
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MedGap Solutions provides high-value, cash-flow positive programs that are developed for the unique needs of hospitals and health care facilities in New Jersey. The company was formed with the foresight of former hospital executives who recognize that due to operational nuances, hospitals have huge opportunities to save money, increase resiliency and secure themselves from vulnerabilities associated with the power grid.

Healthcare energy opportunities are complex and the optimally performing outcome may require a combination of custom configured technologies, engineering expertise and access to often underutilized funding sources. MedGap Solutions, together with engineering partner Woodard & Curran, is positioned to analyze, design, finance, implement and operate a full spectrum of energy solutions, including co-generation, for critical infrastructure.

The mission of MedGap is to provide a turnkey approach to minimize energy costs, maximize energy security and capitalize on the funding opportunities available to design the best energy solution for your organization. MedGap’s core competencies are its focused understanding of healthcare operations, engineering and analytical expertise and the ability to gain access to public and private funding.

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