CommerceVantage A Niche in Healthcare and Payables
Rob Dindak, APSC
Rob Dindak, APSC
VP, Regional Manager

Ninety percent of Accounts Payable departments capture only half of the cost savings available to them.

Healthcare financial professionals today are challenged, more than ever, to uncover payment strategies that capitalize on resources, reduce overhead, maximize efficiencies and improve cash flow – yet making a change to improve current AP processes can seem so daunting.

NJHA's Strategic Partner for payables strategies, Commerce Bank, understands these challenges. Serving hospitals and healthcare organizations across the nation, Commerce knows it's crucial for professionals to explore options that do all the heaving lifting -— without disrupting an organization's operational effectiveness. That’s why Commerce Bank has developed the CommerceVantage® suite of tailored solutions to seamlessly fit the needs of organizations and:

  • Accelerate the invoice approval and payment process
  • Strengthen supplier relationships
  • Take advange of early payment discounts
  • Generate a new source of revenue

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