Hallmark Healthcare Solutions Innovative Staffing Solutions and Clinical Integration Programs
Dave Butcher
Dave Butcher
Business Development Director

Hallmark Health Care Solutions (HHS) is a people, process, and technology consulting firm that blends strategy and technology to create exemplary outcomes around workforce. HHS produces customized and sustainable processes and practices that reduce labor spend, decrease turnover rates and enable "employer of choice" status for your hospital.

HHS' innovative staffing solutions and clinical integration programs focus on workforce scheduling, management and essential analytics through reporting. The HHS team...

  • Optimizes workforce productivity
  • Standardizes best practices for staffing and scheduling
  • Targets ideal full-time, part-time and contingent staffing ratios
  • Determines an optimal workforce skill mix
  • Drives down OT spend
  • Optimizes fiscal responsibility with a right-sized workforce

The “Work Force Optimization” Program is a three phased approach that reduces labor spend through improved utilization of existing staff.

Phase 1 - This analysis identifies gaps within current processes.

Phase 2 - This situational assessment consists of extensive evaluation, interviews and process mapping that spans nursing and human resources departments. This core assessment takes into consideration existing technology relating to workforce and site evaluations of all related healthcare locations.

Phase 3 - Once strategic program design recommendations are approved, HHS begins program implementation which may include symbiotic technology. HHS will work closely with your staff to monitor success.