BoardEffect – Designed Around the Work of Boards
Dottie Schindlinger
Dottie Schindlinger
EVP & Governance Technology Evangelist

NJHA Strategic Partner BoardEffect drives efficiency, effectiveness and engagement among board directors and executives and drives organizational performance with its board management software.

The functionality and workflows of BoardEffect have been designed to support boards as they manage the responsibilities inherent within the demanding, interdependent and mission critical board cycles.             

BoardEffect’s client base includes over 650+ healthcare organizations that range from small hospitals to national hospital systems and networks. With its superior software solution, BoardEffect can improve the efficiency of day-to-day board management activities of healthcare organization AND increase a board’s effectiveness.


With an extraordinarily secure and stable delivery environment, BoardEffect offers a HIPAA compliant environment to safeguard electronic protected health information (ePHI).  BoardEffect addresses the regulations and security needs faced by boards that handle ePHI.  BoardEffect cements its commitment to HIPAA Compliance with signed Business Associates Agreement – which very few board portals currently do.


BoardEffect can leverage technology to support the full range of responsibilities of board governance with its:

  • Expertise with focused governance and technology professionals
  • Innovation that elevates board performance
  • Agility as a responsive partner
  • Value that delivers quality, flexibility and return on investment

A high-performing board of directors can be a healthcare organization’s most valuable asset!


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