www.fedibacco.com Are Your Banking Fees Getting Out of Hand?
Fran DiBacco
Fran DiBacco
Chairman & CEO

Bill Bradley
Bill Bradley
President & CEO

NJHA Strategic Partner F.E.DiBacco, Inc. (FED) is the premier specialist in the review of corporate and institutional depository relationships. For almost 30 years, FED has provided a unique and patented service to hundreds of companies, cumulatively saving over a quarter of a billion dollars in the process. FED’s clients are notable Fortune 500 companies as well as numerous New Jersey and Pennsylvania hospitals – all which have experienced impressive results.

In the current landscape, banks have increased their earnings by making it very difficult to understand monthly analyses, raising prices, unbundling services, and hiding fees.

FED’s unique approach simplifies this process by diving deep into every subsidiary account to determine true unit costs. The process starts by entering your analysis data into a patented software system that houses over 10,000 analyses from 1,100 banks. The information is analyzed to find anomalies in pricing and volumes, determine individual account efficiencies, and recommend fair and personalized pricing.

Hospitals that work with FED will be equipped with incisive information and will have the tools to negotiate from a position of strength. FED’s experienced bankers can also assist in your negotiations to create a partnership that is more equitable.

Working with FED involves minimal time and effort on the part of your organization. If you are interested in reducing fees, eliminating unnecessary transaction volumes and creating a banking relationship that is more fair, contact F.E.DiBacco today!

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