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John Skowlund
John Skowlund
Vice President of Business Development

Poor clinical communication is frequently identified as the key cause for clinical errors, unnecessary costs, and sentinel events. This is especially true during care hand-offs and transitions.

QliqSOFT, developer of the Qliq secure texting platform, introduces an exciting addition to its line of HIPAA compliant clinical communication solutions. CareChannels by QliqSOFT provides a patient-centric message exchange for care team members across care transitions.

With CareChannels by QliqSOFT, care team members can collaborate on questions, consults, orders, reports and results through patient-centric EMR-tagged group texting from their smartphones or desktops clients. CareChannels automates and simplifies this clinical communication even as the care team changes from admission, inpatient treatment, discharge to home care.

CareChannels can be directly linked to the patient record and allows physicians to maintain an electronic paper trail of services performed, which allows for proper documentation for bundled payment care.

Designed for true collaboration, CareChannels provide continuous communication that surrounds patients, care teams, and care transitions. For more information, visit www.qliqsoft.com/carechannels.



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