Absolve Absence Solutions Unscheduled Employee Absences -- A Proven Solution
Shep Sepaniak
Shep Sepaniak
Managing Partner

The AbSolve program, offered through NJHA Strategic Partner RELATED Risk Management, is an outsourcing solution for unscheduled employee absences, which can affect 35 percent of an organization’s indirect and direct payroll costs. Now in its second year for 12 New Jersey hospitals, this program has achieved outstanding financial results, saving each facility an average of $500 per employee. AbSolve serves the entire health system to deliver sustainable savings, better compliance and operational efficiencies.

Here are some of the ways that AbSolve impacts clients:


  • 35 percent reduction to disability claims resulting in 6-month ROI;
  • an average annual ROI of more than 500 percent


  • relief from the 500+ leave laws that make up FMLA, ADAAA, and state equivalents
  • consistent leave experience and benefits delivery for all employees


  • relief from the processing of leaves so that HR and line managers can work on more strategic items
  • leverage real-time data and benchmarking to inform senior managers and empower decision-making around policy, procedure, and personnel


  • improve employee productivity through engagement and support
  • increase patient satisfaction through healthier, happier caregivers and better outcomes

To move forward with a comprehensive absence management strategy, contact RELATED Risk Managed for a free leave analysis – designed to benchmark your data to industry standards and identify key savings opportunities based on your leave counts, total time lost and costs with lost time and outliers.


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