Did you know that printing is the 3rd largest office expense after payroll and rent?
Emmett Johnson
Emmett Johnson
Director, Healthcare Division

To control these skyrocketing costs, NJHA Strategic Partner Stewart, A Xerox Company, uses a unique approach called SBS360o. This is an onsite analysis that reviews all aspects of your document technology and provides a 10,000 foot view of your current printing infrastructure. The SBS360o Assessment serves as a gateway to discover new and better ways to work with technology and handle the flow of information. This transformative assessment methodology is built on measuring these core areas to achieve true workflow optimization: 

  • Understand Your Corporate Culture
  • Inventory Technology
  • Analyze Usage
  • Capture Costs
  • Review Workflow
  • Examine Process
  • Study Sustainability

This multi-source approach delivers a comprehensive snapshot, and provides clear visibility into each of these seven core areas.

Stewart will work with your hospital to co-author a solution so that you can use your document-driven technology in a more productive and cost-effective way. Stewart is proud of its healthcare partnerships and has been able to alleviate non-mission critical burdens from IT staffs, provide solutions to increase patient information security, and standardize the print environment.

Focused on being leaner and looking for ways to reduce costs, improve overall efficiency and increase profitability?  Contact Stewart today at 1-800-322-5584 or visit www.stewartxerox.com.

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