HR Acuity The Most Comprehensive and Compliant Way to Manage Employee Relations and Reduce Risk
Debbie Muller
Debbie Muller
Founder & CEO

Reaching an all-time high in 2014, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission received 88,778 charges of workplace discrimination and retaliation allegations.

This stunning statistic brings sharp focus that organizations must mitigate potential risks to their bottom line due to lawsuits, damage awards, and legal fees in an environment of declining employee engagement.

NJHA Strategic Partner HR Acuity® is a leading provider of employee relations and workplace investigation solutions. HR Acuity® enables organizations to reduce costs and mitigate the legal, financial and reputation risks associated with adverse employee-related events by combining award winning software - HR Acuity® On-Demand and propriety methodology. HR Acuity® On-Demand enables:

  • Consistent documentation of all employee issues
  • Structured process for conducting investigations
  • Easy-to-facilitate exit interviews
  • Immediate reporting and search capabilities
  • Readily available case files

The HR Acuity® methodology and best practices, in addition to HR Acuity® On-Demand, will instill accountability, train leaders, mitigate risk and improve employee relations within your organization.

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