Achieve Better Results with Verizon Solutions
Ryan Baxter
Ryan Baxter
Client Partner - Business Sales

Verizon Wireless has been an NJHA Strategic Partner since 1997. New Jersey healthcare organizations have benefited with robust communication solutions and their employees have enjoyed substantial savings on wireless phones and accessories.

Verizon helps healthcare professionals by providing greater access to treatment information, along with real-time access to critical patient data in emergencies and life-empowering assistive technologies – all in a secure HIPAA-compliant environment. Verizon, and its strategic alliances, offer a range of mobile devices and solutions, all designed to improve collaboration between patients and caregivers at the point of care.

For the eighth consecutive time, Verizon is the Most Awarded Network in the United States. This strong backbone supports core technologies for:

  • Optimal network performance to transmit large volumes of data and content
  • Outstanding cloud and IT infrastructure services capable of supporting resource-demanding healthcare applications
  • Extended reach for physicians who are mobile so that they can effectively collaborate and care for patients in a timely manner - with secure, remote connections to IT resources
  • Advanced security protocols and controls that can improve the ability to protect your facility from potential security threats

To drive greater cost efficiencies for NJHA participating hospitals, Verizon conducts quarterly business reviews. Connect with Verizon Wireless today!

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