TransUnion TransUnion helps New Jersey Hospitals Recover $14 Million in Uncompensated Care
Stephen Harn
Stephen Harn
Senior Regional Sales Executive

Offering a unique solution to recapture dollars from uncompensated care, new NJHA Strategic Partner TransUnion Healthcare is a trusted provider of revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions for maximizing reimbursements and reducing costs.

TransUnion’s collections and reimbursement solution, also known as eScan®, helps uncover more unidentified sources of payment and coverage than any other organization in the industry. The eScan® solution has recovered over $8 billion in uncompensated care charges and delivered over $1.2 billion back to hospitals.  eScan® is a post-service eligibility system designed to maximize reimbursements and reduce uncompensated care costs for a hospital or health system. The system leverages patented data mining technology with hundreds of query permutations to deliver a series of automated, customizable reports that identify billable coverage for accounts that are not, and in some cases, cannot be captured on the frontend.

Since 2014, TransUnion has helped seven New Jersey hospitals and health systems recover $14 million.

Additionally, TransUnion offers patient access solutions by leveraging data assets, market-leading revenue cycle technologies and deep insights into consumer financial behavior, to help healthcare providers and payers reduce uncompensated care, control costs and improve cash flow with best-in-class data and analytic solutions.

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